Bugaboo launches Bugaboo Flex in the Netherlands: a leasing service that allows consumers to rent their desired Bugaboo product. With Bugaboo Flex, Bugaboo meets the changing needs of parents in a sustainable way and is the first Dutch brand specialising in pushchairs to contribute to a sustainable sharing economy.

Bugaboo Flex allows (expecting) parents to rent a Bugaboo product such as a pram for a certain period of time. This is a sustainable way for Bugaboo to cater for a family’s changing needs, which change when moving house, for example, or when the arrival of the second child is close to the birth of the first. By renting the products, consumers only pay for the time they actually use the product. In doing so, families with Bugaboo Flex can count on a replacement product or repair should the need arise.

Bugaboo Flex has already kicked off in the Netherlands and will roll out in other countries in 2022. The lease amount depends on the product to be leased and the lease period (starting from six months). For example, the Bugaboo Fox, Bugaboo’s best-selling pushchair at the moment, can be leased for €42.50 per month for a 12-month lease period. Switch to another model before the contract period expires? You can do so for 49.99 euros.

Deliberate choice

By offering Bugaboo Flex, the brand extends the lifespan of the products because multiple families use 1 product and it is repaired when a part is no longer satisfactory. This way, fewer products need to be produced which directly results in a smaller C02 footprint.

Bugaboo has always made conscious choices. For example, the principle of ‘designed to last‘, where longevity is the starting point of product design, has been an important cornerstone of Bugaboo’s DNA since its foundation in 1999.

With Bugaboo Flex, the brand goes one step further and takes the first step towards circular consumption. ‘We strongly believe in a sustainable sharing economy and with the launch of Bugaboo Flex we have taken an important first step to be part of that and make it possible for our customers’. – Adriaan Thierry CEO Bugaboo.

This article was written by Bugaboo.

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