Discover the new Fabs World Cuddle Mouse, cuddles!

We at Refurbished Strollers know how to make and keep your child happy. Maybe you remember? What was your cuddly toy and what was its name? Then you probably also remember the times when your mother went to wash the soft toy and you couldn’t reach it for hours, which is a very long time for a child? Constantly running to the drying rack or tumble dryer to check how far along the clean duvet is. And then the real misery, comforter no longer smells like comforter.

At Refurbished prams, we thought we should do something about this, because happy kids make for happy mums! Dads take note, happy wife>happy life. We chose Fabs world soft toys and made a special offer for this and entered into a partnership with Fabs world.

Sharp offers on our soft toys!

Fabs world Cuddle Mouse – colour (2 pieces).  For €17.99. These sweet little mice are for cuddling! With a soft sound in its tummy and a tail to fidget with, every child will want these cute little mice!

Easy to choose from this attractive offer!

Why 2 cuddly mice? There is no greater sadness than your child losing his/her favourite cuddly toy, just disappearing all of a sudden, nowhere to be found or rocking in the dryer.

Without his/her favourite cuddly toy, your child will not be able to sleep and will be very sad. That’s why at Refurbished prams we say not one but two for the attractive price of 17.99.

The features of these stuffed mice are:

✔ Made of cotton

✔ Size +/- 25 cm

✔ Soft sound in tummy

✔ Tail to frump up

✔ May be machine washable ( 40 degrees)

✔ May be tumble-dried

✔ New in packaging