Besides Refurbished strollers and accessories, Refurbished strollers also offers a wide range of baby accessories and nursery furniture from well-known A-brands. In this blog, we introduce you to this special collection of refurbished and new baby accessories from Refurbished strollers!

Refurbished outlet

Our outlet consists partly of refurbished baby accessories. These are items with slight signs of use, which, after a refurbishment by our professionals, are almost in new condition again. That is why we can offer these baby accessories at a discount of up to 60% off the original price. Good for your wallet and for the environment!

Our refurbished outlet with baby accessories includes warm foot bags (both original and A-brand such as Bugaboo®), handy nappy bags, protective (rain) covers and wraps. You will find all well-known A-brands such as Baby Björn, Bugaboo®, Joolz®, Dooky, Koeka and Maxi-Cosi. 

Look for exclusive furniture for baby and children’s rooms in our webshop. We update availability daily, so complete your baby and children’s room today with our cots, chests of drawers and wardrobes at competitive prices!

New collection

Our collection also includes new accessories for baby, toddler and children’s rooms. Think of playpen mats, cradle blankets, car seat covers, night lights and toys. Brands in our new collection include Fabs World, ISI Mini, Pink Lining and X-Qlusive Covers. With the stylish covers of X-Qlusive, you can easily give your pram or car seat a unique and personal look! Free delivery and returns! Visit our webshop for the latest range of baby accessories or make an appointment to visit our showroom. When you order through our webshop, you enjoy free shipping and returns are also free!