Second-hand or Refurbished pushchair: a whole world apart!

The terms ‘refurbished’ and ‘second-hand’ for prams are often mixed up. Yet a Refurbished stroller differs from a second-hand one in many ways. At Refurbished strollers you will find Bugaboo® as well as Joolz® prams and accessories, all refurbished. In this blog we tell you about the advantages of our Refurbished strollers!

Returned to its original state

Refurbished means refurbished. As a result, a Refurbished stroller looks like new because it has been restored to its original condition. This is a substantial difference from a second-hand purchase, where you can already assume that the product is no longer in new condition. User marks are then usually visible and you often do not get a warranty on your product. When you buy a Refurbished stroller, we actually offer you a warranty period.

But what exactly can you expect from a Refurbished stroller? We have listed it for you below. When the prams end up in our showroom after being purchased from third parties, we proceed with the following treatment:

– Careful technical control

Does the brake still provide enough power to ensure your child’s safety? Do frequently used materials such as tyres, rims and the handlebar need to be repaired or replaced due to wear and tear or damage? Does the caster still turn well when cornering and does the pushchair still fold easily for easy transport? And are the various parts still adjustable? We perform a careful service on all these points.

– Professional cleaning
We understand that hygiene is a top priority for you; nobody wants to put their baby in a dirty pushchair. That is why we 100% anti-bacterial clean the upholstery of the carrycot, cradle cover and sun canopy, as well as the pram seat, seat liner and shopping basket. And damages such as tears in the upholstery are professionally repaired.

Come and take a look at our Refurbished strollers in the showroom We can truly call our prams refurbished, both in terms of user-friendliness and in terms of optimal hygiene expectations. And for a very competitive price, including warranty! As the new owner of one of our Refurbished strollers, years of pleasure and many safe walking routes await you. So make an appointment right away to admire our refurbished Bugaboo® and Joolz® prams and accessories in our showroom!