The Bugaboo® Cameleon2: versatile and cool pram

Do you love going out with your baby? Strolling through a busy city or looking for nature? Then the Bugaboo® Cameleon2 is the perfect pram for you! Here you can read why we think this Bugaboo® pram model is the best choice for the enterprising parent.

Three operating modes for city, forest or rough terrain (snow)

The Bugaboo® Cameleon2 pram (0-4 years) is specially designed for use in the city, the forest or on rough terrain. Wherever you want to go, the versatility of this pram model makes it easy to get anywhere. You can choose from three different positions to effortlessly adapt the pram to your environment.

For example, you put the Bugaboo® Cameleon2 pram on the 4-wheel position (handle above the large wheels, swivel wheels on active) when strolling around town. The pram is then optimally manoeuvrable. For tough forest walks, the 4-wheel position with the swivel wheels on inactive is perfect. This allows the large wheels at the front to ride over uneven ground with ease. If the ground is extra rough or there is snow on the ground, the Bugaboo® Cameleon2 pram can easily be put into the 2-wheel position (only in combination with the seat, see below).

Both a cradle and chair

The Bugaboo® Cameleon2 cradle is suitable for a baby from 0 to around 6 months who cannot (yet) sit independently or push himself up on his hands and knees. The cradle allows you to lay your child completely flat, so the back is not strained and the legs can be stretched. Looking at each other in love? Then simply turn the cradle on the pushchair. The cradle can also be used separately from the pushchair chassis.

The seat can also be set in different positions (sit, half sit, lie down) and easily turned around. In addition, the Bugaboo® Cameleon2 seat is equipped with a 5-point safety belt. On the pram or carried separately: let those beautiful explorations with your child begin!

Protection from sun, wind, rain and insects

We offer the Bugaboo® Cameleon2 pram with or without separate accessories, such as a rain cover and mosquito net. Together with the sun canopy that we supply as standard, your child is always well protected against all weather conditions. With both the cradle and the seat, these protectors make the pushchair easy to use in good or bad weather.

What you get when you buy a Bugaboo® Cameleon2 pram:

Underframe, wheels, cradle/chair frame, cradle cover (including cradle cover), mattress, mattress cover, air permeable mattress top, cradle board, seat cover, sun canopy (including ribs and clips), Cameleon seat liner*, carry handle, luggage basket and 6-month warranty.

*Not standard with all models of Bugaboo® Cameleon2 prams; this is indicated in our showroom Curious about the Bugaboo® Cameleon2 pram? Then please contact one of our staff via phone, WhatsApp or email for questions/comments and to make an appointment to visit our showroom. The currently available refurbished Bugaboo® Cameleon2 prams can be found in our webshop.  Have you recently purchased a Bugaboo® Cameleon2 pram from us? Here you will find the manual with all the information and a step-by-step plan for easy assembly.